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Who the heck are we?

Friday Digest is a team of creatives and freedom junkies. Our goal is to find great content, create great content - and deliver it in a neatly organized blog and weekly newsletter.

We are also a social bunch, so hit us up on twitter, Insta, and pinterest. We are always looking for new talent to join our team. Reach out if you are interested in contributing to the best newsletter on the planet: hello@fridaydigest.com

Hey, I'm Christian Collard, publisher of Friday Digest. Friday Digest originally started as a side-project to help me battle depression. Finding actionable and inspiration content was a regular practice I used to get my mind straight and feel productive. Secondly, I used this space to organize and share information related to achieving financial independence and living a healthy life.

Full transparency

Friday Digest partners with some pretty awesome brands to sponsor our publication. All sponsors on Friday Digest are clearly indicated as such. The opinions of our sponsors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our team. However, we make sure our brand partners are always relevant to our readers.

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Bottom-line: Friday Digest only shares content that we feel is relevant and of interest to our readers. All content is either created internally, found organically, or sponsored by a brand we trust. All content is vetted for your reading pleasure.