Issue 51: Healthy and Happy

Living Healthy and Happy in 2022, best winter lodges in the US, 6 apps to simplify finances, fascinating trends, fat-blasting meals, RIP Betty, helpful scientific discoveries, in-demand jobs, back stretches, and a FREE meditation class.

friday digest issue 51 happy and healthy

Happy 2022. We survived another year of the pandemic - and depending upon what news station you watch - we could be in for another doozie year - OR we could be just getting over the hump and back to normal. The only thing I know is - I cant predict the future, I can only control the present. So, let's start 2022 with the goal of taking action on what we can control - our health and happiness. If you have new year goals we'd love to hear them - tweet us.

We have a lot of great gems in the pipeline for 2022: epic giveaway's, Friday goodies, and new content (complete guides) to help you achieve the life you desire. Thank you for being a subscriber - good things coming your way this year.

This week we are featuring the first of many new guides - How to Live Happy and Healthy in 2022. Our guides will dive deep into a specific topic and be updated regularly as we digest new research and ideas. If you have a specific topic you want us to go deep on - contact us.

Let's go 👇



Living Happy and Healthy in 2022

Our job at Friday Digest is to find and share actionable advice. We read - A LOT. After creating 51 Issues that include advice on health & wellness - we created The Complete Guide to Health and Happiness in 2022. Here are our top 5 tips

Move more

You've heard of the Blue Zones - the people who seem to live forever. The people in the blue zones don't get a majority of fitness from the gym. They move their bodies naturally and often. They walk daily and use their hands over made-conveniences such as automobiles and mechanical tools. They plant gardens, raise animals, walk often, cook, climb inclines, and use all of their muscles on a natural and regular basis. Just move more.

Find purpose

Finding purpose can lead to reduced anxiety and better work. Having a reason to wake up in the morning or something to look forward to working on will help your mental health and add years to your life.

Manage stress

Stress leads to chronic inflammation. Inflammation is associated with nearly every major age-related disease. The individuals in the Blue Zones manage stress by engaging with elders, praying, taking naps, and even enjoy happy hour with others.

Eat better

A healthy diet is the fuel our bodies need to get through a busy day. Too often we fill up on sugar, calories, alcohol and other things that give us an immediate feeling of good, but hours of feeling bad.  Too much sugar or booze in our diet can suppress our immune system, spike insulin levels - which can lead to diabetes and make us fat, and shorten our life.

Get outside

Get outside and move around. Breathe in the fresh air. While outside observe nature and your surroundings. It’s amazing what fresh air can do for your health, your heart, and your mood. Wanna take it one step further: try forrest bathing

Read our Complete Guide to Living Healthy and Happy in 2022

The Best Winter Lodges in the U.S. - with hot tubs, spas, and sleigh rides, oh my!

There are two types of winter people: those that hibernate in their homes and the ones that rush to the slopes at the first sign of snow. My wife hibernates - and I hit the slopes. But we found middle ground: a relaxing trip to a lodge with a hot tub, spa, light outdoor activities, and a sleigh ride.

Check out the 7 Best Winter Lodges in the U.S. from Travel + Leisure magazine. Destinations include Colorado, NY, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Washington, and Wisconsin.

6 Apps That Totally Simplify Your Finances

Apps make everything easier. And when it comes to our money - we could use easy. Forbes recently shared 6 apps to simplify your finances - and we totally agree, several of these apps I use myself (Acorns, Mint & Personal Capital).

  1. Mint is perhaps one of the best-known budgeting app on the market. It tracks and categorizes all of expenses and bills in one place.
  2. Acorns - an app to “invest your spare change automatically”
  3. - uses advanced artificial intelligence and big data to deliver hedge-fund strategies to all levels of investors
  4. You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a budgeting app that uses the zero-based budgeting system.
  5. Personal Capital is an app that offers features to help you budget better and keep tabs on investments like IRAs, 401(k)s, mortgages and loans. (Personal favorite)
  6. PocketGuard is also a great free basic budgeting app

FREE Meditation Class with The Mindfull

Are you looking to build a lasting meditation habit? The Mindfull offers 12-week, cohort-based courses that are led by expert instructors on building healthy habits.

Friday Digest subscribers get to attend the first class of our course, Building a Meaningful Meditation Habit, for free. Each cohort is capped at 10 individuals and community building and accountability are core components of the class. The curriculum is based on the heavily researched MBSR framework.

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More Friday Finds

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Here's Your Fat-Blasting 2022 Meal Plan. From satiating high-protein meals to filling snacks and even some sweet desserts, here's a cohesive meal plan you can turn to when you're in need of some healthy meal ideas for your week.

R.I.P. Betty. Remembering the smart, sharp, naughty Betty White who died just a few weeks short of her 100th birthday.

10 Scientific Discoveries From 2021 That May Lead to New Inventions. Did you know that Shark Intestines Function Like Tesla Valves? Me neither. Some weird sciency stuff here.

The Most In-Demand Jobs Of 2021. Looking for a new gig? Check out this list form Forbes on the jobs that employers cant seem to fill right now.

7 Lower Back Stretches to Reduce Pain and Build Strength. Lower back pain is a fairly common health issue. Check out these stretches to relieve the pain.

"The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana."  Betty White

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