This is how much you would have if you invested in Netflix (NFLX) 5 years ago

Netflix is a worldwide brand with over 200 million subscribers. It turns out NFLX is also a really good long term investment.

This is how much you would have if you invested in Netflix (NFLX) 5 years ago

We all know Netflix for the binge-worthy TV series such as Stranger Things, Ozark, House of Cards, Tiger King and most recently Squid Game. Netflix and chill, right?

Netflix is now a household brand with over 200 million subscribers worldwide. They have come a long way from a company that started off sending physical DVDs. Starting in 2007 they offered a streaming version of big hit movies and their own content - this is when they really started to take off. However, long before they started streaming, they were a tiny little publicly traded company in 2002 launching at just $15 per share.

Today NFLX is a nearly 300 billion dollar company trading at $640 per share (October 19, 2021). Just five years ago NFLX was trading at $127 a share. If you had invested $1000 in October 2016 you would be up to just about $5000 today. Not a bad return.

However, if you were lucky enough to invest just $1000 in 2002 when they went public at $15, your shares would be worth over $42,000 today.

It pays to find a good company early, and hold it for the long run. This is how fortunes are made.

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